USB Phased Array Probe

Phased Array Flaw Detector

Phased Array System for AUT & Crawlers

Subsea Phased Array System

Multi-Channel Flaw Detector + ToFD

Systems + Boards with SDK

Multi-Channel Ultrasonic Flaw Detecter Powered via Gigabit Ethernet or USB

Rugged Laptop + Inspection Software   |   Conventional UT (P/R)   |   Time-of-Flight Diffraction

16 Channel System


Conventional UT & ToFD

Rugged and Portable

System Options

• Conventional UT (P/R) & Pulse Echo
• Pitch Catch Dual UT
• Time-of-Flight Diffraction

• A Scan, B Scan, C Scan & ToFD
• Fully Parallel Pulsing and Receiving

• Lateral Wall Straightening and SAFT for ToFD
• Multiple Measurement Gates

• Ultrasonic System 

• Rugged Laptop / Tablet + Inspection Software 

• Encoder Input
• HD Sunlight Readable Screen
• No Pre Amp Needed
• Onboard Analysis and Reporting
• World Leading Signal Quality

2x channels

16x channels
(other channels also available - please contact)


Power + Data and Encoder

16 Channels

2 Channel System with Tablet

2 Channel System


2x Channel UT

Time-of-Flight Diffraction

Multi-Channel UT

Advanced ToFD Features

ToFD Kit Available

(System, Probes, Wedges + Scanner)


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