USB Phased Array Probe

Phased Array Flaw Detector

Phased Array System for AUT & Crawlers

Subsea Phased Array System

Multi-Channel Flaw Detector + ToFD

Systems + Boards with SDK

Phased Array System for Inline, AUT Scanners, Robotics and Crawlers

100m Gigabit Ethernet Cable    |    64:128PR Phased Array + 16x UT Channels   |    Inspection Software Package


Remote Module NDT System for Improved Signal Quality on Long Cables

64:128PR Phased Array System with
Dual PA Channels Onboard

Up to 16x Conventional Channels for ToFD and UT with Dual Axis Encoder


Powered via 100m Gigabit Ethernet Cable
or USB


UltraView Inspection Software Package for Inspection Set Up, Analysis
and Reporting


AUT Weld Inspection

AUT Corrosion Mapping

System Options:

Option 1 - IPEX Phased Array Connectors

This option uses IPEX connectors for UltraHub phased array probe inputs. This allows 3rd party probes to be used with the systems.

e.g. AUT Pipeline Probes, HydroForm Corrosion Mapping Scanner and High Temperature Probes.

Option 2 - iProbe Phased Array Connectors

UltraHub 2x PA + 2x UT

This option uses iProbe connectors for UltraHub probe inputs.
This allows for multiple phased array iProbe’s (up to 8x PA probes)
The system is very small and light and perfect for mounting on
scanners, crawlers and robotics.

UltraView Software

Set Up

• Easy To Use Touch Operated Software
• Probe and Wedge Catalogue
• Weld Overlay and Scan Plan Builder
• Beam Ray Tracing Utility

• Code Compliant Calibration
• Multiple Window Layouts
• Up to 8x Ultrasonic Groups
• Group Copy and Mirror Option

Probe and Wedge Catalogue

Scan Plan Builder


• Manual, One Line and Raster Scanning
• Multiple Encoder Modes
• Amplitude or Depth C Scan
• Unlimited Scan File Size

• Store Scans on Hard Disk (128GB)
• Store Scans on External Hard Drive
• Up to 8kHz PRF
• 100V Phased Array + 200V ToFD UT

Phased Array Inspection

Simultaneous Phased Array and ToFD Inspection


• Onboard Analysis and Reporting
• Defect Sizing
• Defect Mark Up Table
• Advanced ToFD Analysis Features
• Lateral Wave Straightening

• Store All Raw A Scan Files
• Analysis Mode With Keyboard & Mouse

Advanced ToFD Analysis

Defect Sizing


• Onboard Microsoft Word Reporting
• Report Includes Every Set Up Parameter

• Export Data to Excel
• Configurable Report With User Details
• Save C Scan as JPEG
• No Other PC Software Required
• Save Scans Straight to the Cloud
• Remote Access with TeamViewer

Microsoft Excel Exporting

Microsoft Word Reporting


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